Hello beautiful!

Isn't it amazing how everybody seems to be super confident on video? People post lives on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We hold our meetings via Zoom or Skype and we are connected to our friends and family via video meetings as well.

So why are you not confident on video too?

Do you feel shy and awkward about recording yourself?

Do you feel frustrated because you don't know how to share your message?

Do you feel like your business is suffering because you are holding back?


I get it. 

Being visible is scary. 

Showing up is challenging. 

Pressing "record" can be daunting.









That is why I have created "Confidently YOU" a 4 week group coaching program: 

  • where you can learn to feel confident on video and show up for those who need you

  • where you can face the negative voices in your head and change the story you are telling yourself

  • where you can feel safe in a group of like-minded women

  • where you can just try out new things and ways of showing up and find out what works best for you

  • where you can learn how to highlight your amazing personality and become irresistible 

  • where you can grow into the confident business woman you are


After these 4 weeks you will: 

  • Know exactly what your strengths are and how to capture them on video

  • Know exactly how to use your voice and body language for recording

  • Know exactly what to wear and how to plan your videos

  • Feel confident that your message matters and that you can share it with confidence

  • Not think twice about recording yourself



What I really learned from all my trainings is that 

1. you need to take action

2. you have to start before you're ready

3. doing it with guidance helps you grow more quickly

No matter how scary it may seem, when you know exactly what step to take next, when you are doing it in a group, get a little out of your comfort zone and trust that every step will take you one step closer to your goal, anything is possible.



In this 4 week group coaching program you will get:

  • Weekly modules with informative content

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions

  • Guided private Facebook group with daily support and challenges

  • Inspiration and successful mindset inspiration and impulses

  • Feedback on all the video content you will share with me

  • 2 individual coaching sessions with me per Zoom

The weekly content will include (but is not limited to) guidance on how to:

  • identify hidden beliefs about visibility and change them

  • find out what communication style fits you and your audience/ideal client best

  • use your voice and body language in a confident way

  • style yourself and your surrounding to bring your best self forward

  • use your technical equipment to enhance your professionalism on video

  • use the right kind of social media format for your business (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn)


"This is quite an investment - I'm not sure this is for me right now"

I get it, I have also been at a point where even 30€ seemed like a big investment. But this is not going to go away and everyday that you don't show up and don't share your message, you are missing out on not only earning money, but also helping the people who need you. And that's what I want for you. I want you to be invested in this, to take action, to really make it happen.

And by you being invested in it, I will be too! I will make it my top priority to make you get to your goal.

"I don't feel comfortable sharing videos on facebook"

I understand. On the one hand that is exactly why you are in this course ;), and I can assure you that your videos will stay within our private group, on the other you could create an account that you don't share with your friends and that is just for this course.

"I don't have time to take this course right now"

If you have read until this point, I think taking videos of yourself confidently is your next step. 
You know that your audience needs to see you. And you know filming videos would make your work just so much more efficient! So the time you spend now on learning how to do it properly, you will get back later, when you won't waste any time on wondering how to do it right, procrastinating and having to give information to each one of your clients individually instead of filming it once and then sharing the link.

But don't forget that: 


People need your expertise and knowledge.

People need your inspiration.

And people need your kind and loving presence.

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

No risk of embarrassing yourself in front of your friends and colleagues

No risk of losing clients, because your videos don’t look “professional”.

Like a training center before you actually take the plunge and go into the deep end. 

I have been there too. I have been a voice and presence coach for over 15 years, but have only started to increase my presence on social media over the last 4 years. I was scared to show myself, so I went through programs on styling, filming, copy-writing, taking pictures, technical know-how of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as changing the story I have been telling myself all my life.

The program starts on May 18 and will end on June 14, 2020.

The price is 497€

There are only 10 spots available and enrollment ends on May 17.

You know you need to do this at some point -

let's do it now together now !

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The truth is you don’t need to be perfect. But you need to know what your strengths are and how to let them shine. When you do it on your own, it might take years to figure out because:

When you post pictures or videos of yourself you don’t really get honest and caring feedback.

You might get likes or hearts from your friends, but you still won’t know what they liked about it and what you could do better. That's what my course ist for! As a professional voice and presence coach I can help

you leverage the power of your message. As an online entrepreneur, I have gone through exactly the same process of learning to be comfortable to show myself on social media and my online trainings.