• Sonja Nannan

How a minimalist mindset can help your voice.

Hi everyone out there who is looking for a relaxed way to improve their voice. I have started this blog with the intention of applying a minimalist mindset to voice training. We are already doing so much in our lives. And when we think of it our voices actually work perfectly fine. Just as we are able to breathe, we have all the requirements for our voices to sound good even great sometimes.

Yet we have difficulties making ourselves heard and we get tired when we have to speak over long periods of time. And our voices shake when we have to speak in front of an audience - let alone try to sing!!

I am so inspired by the book "The effortless life" by Leo Babauta. He speaks about letting go of owning too many things, of having too many goals and being busy all the time.

The voice works best when you let go - when you push and try to control, you strain your voice. I think this goes together nicely with the thought of just keeping what makes you happy in your life - it is also about letting go what doesn't. I hope that in my blogposts I can provide you with information that is not just clutter, but that can actually help you use your voice in a more effortless and enjoyable way. Stay tuned :)

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