• Sonja Nannan


What if we let go of our self-judgement and dared to just experiment with our voice and saw where this might take us? What if we brought a playful mindset to our voice training? What if we didn't judge every tone so harshly and just let it go?

Yes, it's serious. Yes, you need to make a good impression. I get it. But your voice doesn't respond well to pressure. Try to force it to sound strong and it crawls to the deepest corner inside your throat and doesn't come back out.

I probably don't even need to tell you this, but your voice is very much linked to your emotions. And do you know which emotion manifests itself in your throat? Fear. So when we are afraid of what might come out of our mouth or what people might think, we block our throat and therefore our voice.

As you take time to train your voice, try to let go of this fear. I know that's not easy. I know there's a reason why you are afraid. You can acknowledge that it is there, but that for the time of your practise it has a timeout.

As you train your voice try to bring beginner's mind or a child's mind to the practice. Give yourself the permission to sound strange or silly or funny or shrill. Go crazy with all the different ways your voice can sound. Have fun with the fact that you can sound like a cat or a horn or a mosquito! Or imitate Edith Piaf or Joe Cocker. Life is serious, but through playing with your voice you get the chance to connect with your inner child who didn't give a damn about what others were thinking. And your voice worked perfectly fine at that time.

Giving yourself the permission to play with your voice can be fun and it will also help you feel more confident about it as you get to know it better.

Let me know what your biggest obstacle is to let go and just play around with your voice. Or let me know if you tried and what you discovered.

I wish you a lot of fun!

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