• Sonja Nannan

Holiday tune.

Yes, I am on holiday :)

I have noticed that as I am giving myself a time-out, I actually have a tune on my lips most of the day. Ok, maybe I'm annoying my family a bit, but with my youngest son still being a toddler, HE enjoys it! So there!

But even if he didn't, it doesn't matter! What matters is that I enjoy it! And I love that relaxed side of myself. I don't see her often...

Are you singing more too? Now that you are on holiday?

If you are then this is great! Because:

You are training your voice without effort.

You are giving your mind a time-out from only producing intelligent or valuable content.

You are doing breathing exercises without noticing.

You are living your creative side.

You are letting go of what you SHOULD be doing.

You are becoming more of your true self.

You are expressing yourself.

You are most likely putting the people around you in a good mood.

You are connecting to yourself.

And as I am on holiday, this is all that I have to say, because I will get back to enjoying the sun, spending time with my family and singing a little tune now!

I hope you are doing the same! <3

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