• Sonja Nannan

Discover the amazing power of your voice!

Oh, yes! It's here! And it's been a loooong time in the making, believe me! It's one thing saying "Yeah, I'm going to create an online course" and a COMPLETELY different thing to actually CREATE an online course!! It took me about a year to not only know what it was exactly that I wanted to include in my course, but also to have the courage to actually put it out there!! And to allow myself to become that cool person who actually created an online course :)

You know, whenever I think "Oh I don't want to bother people with this"? (which is completely what I have been thinking a lot today). I replace this thought with:

"Someone out there might need exactly this information at exactly this moment and will be so happy that my course exists!"

So here is my recommendation to you: Whenever you feel like you don't dare to put yourself out there - think: Maybe through my being brave, I am going to inspire one person today to be brave too.

So, this is basically what I wanted to share with you... and also that my online course "Voice Energy" is finally there for you!!! If you enroll until Oct 15th with the coupon code ENROLLNOW, you will receive 20% off the initial price!

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