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Don't stress! Sing instead!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Today, I wanted to give you 5 tips for the holiday season that is no doubt going to be filled with music and possibly singing. And if you don’t think there will be singing, then you might like to reconsider. Singing reduces stress (very important during this time!) and releases oxytocin (also very important as family difficulties can come to the surface during this time as well). So since it’s this time of the year - why not find Christmas songs you like and sing them with your kids? Or with your friends? Or on your own in the shower or in your car?

You know you want to... :)

You may say: “That’s a great idea, Sonja, but I don’t know how to sing!” or “ I don’t know which songs could fit my voice.”

Well, great points. Here’s some encouragement for you:

  1. You do know how to sing. You’ve just been telling yourself (and everybody else probably) that you don’t. It’s time to tell a new story. It all starts with the mind.

  2. The more you sing, the better it gets. Of course if you always sing songs that are too high or too low for your voice, it can leave you frustrated. But in every song there is a part that is just right for your voice and that’s what you could focus on to start with. It’s a bit like Pilates. If you do a few exercises the right way, it will have far more effect on your muscles than if you do many exercises the wrong way. A good rule of thumb is: If your voice FEELS good when you sing, then it SOUNDS good. Our body is just built that way.

  3. You can make songs fit your voice. You might have heard of the wonderful word “transposing” - this word is your friend. It means that you make high notes lower or low notes higher. So instead of starting a song far too high or far too low, you can start them wherever you like. Of course you ideally need an instrument for that.

  4. You can take out the lyrics of the songs and just sing nanana. The lyrics - or more specifically the consonants - make us close our mouths in order to produce them. Like p, k, t, f - you cannot really produce those with an open mouth. Our voice sounds best when we open our mouths wide. Our voice basically craves space, it’s crazy. That’s something you can practice in the car when you are on your own. Nobody will notice.

  5. You don’t have to take it seriously. If you allow yourself to not do it perfectly the first time. And to just let your voice sound the way it wants to sound. You will have way more fun! And gradually you will get better and better.

I wish you a lot of fun with singing!

And if you want to know more about voice technique, you can take things a step further with my online course Voice Energy.

I look forward to seeing you :)

Love, Sonja

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