• Sonja Nannan

A different approach to handling nervousness

One of the most common ways to deal with nerves or nervousness is to attempt to calm down. I am definitely in favor of deep breathing, relaxing, and letting go of any tensions we might feel in our bodies.

In fact I think our voice - especially singing and humming - can really help us calm down and let go of stress.

And yet, sometimes calming down is just not on the menu. And it can sometimes even be counterproductive pressuring ourselves into calming down ("calm down, dammit!").

So in this week's video and podcast episode I give you 3 ways you can transform the nervous energy and help you feel more confident WITHOUT having to relax.

Here is the link to my video on Youtube and here the link to my podcast.

I hope my insights are useful for you ❤️

And as always remember:

Your voice your gift and the key to your most authentic and sensational self.

With lots of positive vibes 🌈


PS: If you would like to find a way how you can share your voice more confidently and easily with your audience, schedule a free call with me.

You can check out my 1-on-1 coaching program "Voice of Value" here.

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