• Sonja Nannan

Allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are

I have come to realize that presence or public speaking training is not about learning a certain technique, practicing the perfect voice or using your hands in a confident instead of awkward way on stage:

it’s about allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are.

Even if who you are is NOT the most amazing presenter or public speaker and to let yourself be fine with that.

Because everything else is just completely exhausting.

So take a moment maybe today or maybe this week and completely honestly ask yourself:

  • What would happen if I allowed myself to be exactly who I am?

  • How would it feel to wake up every day, knowing that I am allowed to be exactly the way I am?

  • What would I do more of?

  • What would I let go of?

If just reading these questions makes you exhale, you are on the right track.

Sending you so much love, joy and light,


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