• Sonja Nannan

Don't identify with the stories you tell yourself

I recently watched the movie “The Founder” (the story about McDonald’s) and there was a life-changing moment when after asking for another loan from his bank, Ray Crock gets told what his business is really about and he starts turning McDonalds into a multi-billion dollar business.

I want to be that person telling you what not sharing your voice confidently, is really about.

It’s not about the fact that you don’t know enough, haven’t practiced enough, or don’t master the art of public speaking enough, or that you are not the right person speaking, it’s not because you are too nervous or your voice is too shaky.

What is holding you back is that you identify with the story you are telling yourself about it.

I realized this about myself recently and that's why I want to share it with you. ❤️

We let what we DO mean something about who we ARE as a person.

And it doesn’t mean anything. Our mind wants us to think that way, so it can save us from getting hurt. But by trying to save us, it is actually blocking us from showing our brilliance.

Being nervous, having a shaky voice, not knowing the answer to a question says NOTHING about your worth or who you are as a human being.

You are so much more than that!🌈

You are not what you DO. You are who you ARE.

You are allowed to enjoy the fullness of being YOU.

And by allowing yourself to be fully you, there is no danger of being criticized or doing a bad job. Because it cannot diminish your worth.

Because it doesn't mean anything.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and be present to the brilliance and magnificence that is YOU.✨

Sending you so much love, joy and light,✨


PS: If you need help with finding out what this story is that your mind is telling you about sharing your authentic voice, you can book a free call.

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