• Sonja Nannan

Help! I'm an imposter! 👻

Are you afraid of being called an imposter if you show up confidently and self-assured?

Or just afraid that people might think that of you?

Does this assumption make you feel less likely to say "YES" the next time someone asks you to share your expertise?

Even though you have every qualification under the sun to justify your rightly eared claim to sharing your knowledge and experience?

Seth Godin writes in his book "Practice":

"Imposter Syndrome is a sign that you're healthy and that you're doing important work.

Recent research estimates that 40% of the workforce has a job that requires innovation, human interaction, and decision making. And for each of these people, every day exposes them to the feeling of being a fraud."

So if feeling like a fraud is the new normal - if everybody feels like a fraud around us, then why not agree that we are all frauds in some way or another and get on with it?

  • What if you called yourself an "Intentional Imposter"?

  • Someone who may not know all the answers, be 100% ready, but still tries?

  • Isn't trying all we can ever do anyway?

  • And isn't not trying what is keeping us from evolving and becoming better? So we can feel less like an imposter and more like an expert?

I hope this reflection was useful 🤗

With so much love, light, and energy ✨


PS: If you need support showing up as your authentic self in front of an online or live audience, let's chat!

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