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How to get people interested in your videos 👀

If you are creating videos for your business and feel like there is not enough resonance, there are 3 areas where tweaking might increase the number of people watching and get your audience more involved with your content.

You can watch me speak about this on Youtube and listen to me my podcast.. Here are the 3 areas and 6 questions you can ask yourself to audit your videos:

Content and structure:

1) Is my content applicable to my audience?

If you are an expert business coach, but speak about your cats - your audience might not get the connection and tune out.

2) Are you clear on the content and on your message?

When you are clear, your audience will be more inclined to watch what you have to say, because they know what they get.

3) Are you concise? Are you sticking to the story to keep people’s attention?

I’m of the opinion that the straighter to the point the better. Time is precious, so be respectful of your audience’s time.


4) Do your videos have subtitles?

If you are creating videos for social media, not everybody is watching with their sound turned on. So if people don’t know right away what it is that you are talking about they are less inclined to opt into your content.

5) Do your videos have enough light and a minimal background?

We live in a very visual world. If you are filming with bad lighting and in front of a cluttered background, you are distracting from your content.


6) Are you giving yourself and your audience enough space when you speak?

When we race through our content without catching a breath or giving our audience the chance to digest what we have said, they might get overwhelmed and tune out of our video before we have even gotten to the good part.

I hope these tips were useful. Reply to this email and let me know whether you tried one of them out - I always love hearing from you.


Your voice is the key to your most authentic and sensational self. Make it easy for people to hear it!

Have a great week! ✨

With lots of positive vibes 🌈


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