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I hate my voice on recordings!!! 🙉

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Does the sound of your voice on recordings make you cringe?

Don’t worry, that is completely normal and there is a remedy for that.

The scientific explanation is: due to the resonance that is being filtered out by our ears, we hear ourselves differently inside our heads. Usually, the sound is lower than it actually is.

Here is an article that goes a bit deeper into the science of it all.

But your mind also plays a big role in this. Here is a mind-experiment I would like you to try out.

Just imagine never seeing yourself in a mirror, not knowing what you actually look like. Maybe having an idea because of the body parts you can see, but never really knowing what your face looks like.

What idea would you make up in your head of how you look? What would be your reference? Perfect images of beautiful people on TV or on Instagram? People you see around you?

And when you were finally able to look inside a mirror do you think you would look exactly the way you had imagined? I bet that you would probably look very DIFFERENTLY from what you had expected yourself to look like.

The important thing to focus on here is to acknowledge that you would look DIFFERENT.

Not bad, not ugly, not fat - DIFFERENT!

So that is what happens when you hear your voice for the first time, you are not used to hearing your voice outside of your head, so you imagine it to sound different from what it actually sounds like.

Not bad, not horrible, not cringeworthy, just different - that's how it is and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that fact. And that's ok.

Acceptance is the most important thing so you keep on sharing your voice and add value to people's lives.

If you feel like you need assistance with showing up and sharing your voice more confidently on recordings, I am happy to help.

You can book a free call with me here.

I wish you an amazing week and please share your voice - there are people out there waiting for you. ✨

And please share this post with somebody you feel would profit from its content.

With so much love, joy and light,


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