• Sonja Nannan

Just say 🌸 NO 🌸

Have you ever experienced how great it feels to just say: "No".

There is so much energy in this tiny word, it's amazing. 🔥

(As a recovering co-dependent people-pleaser who has spent her life trying to save everyone around her, this is relatively new to me. So if you are someone who regularly says "NO", this is a no-brainer. If you have been struggling like me, read on.)

For the voice, it's like opening the door to so much more resonance and assertiveness. You should try it.

Say for example out loud:

"I cannot do this today" and then "No, I cannot do this today" and see how the energy in your voice changes.

Or for example:

"I'd rather go left" or "No, I'd rather go left"

Or pick your own example of something you want or don't want 😎

I wanted to share this with you because, in my daily voice and assertiveness experiments, I found this quite striking.

The thing is, usually we focus so much on the positive when we try to become more confident and show our authentic selves.

Saying "NO" can be really liberating, too💡.

I hope this insight was useful 🤗

With so much love, light, and powerful energy 🔥


PS: If you need support showing up as your authentic self in front of an online or live audience, let's chat!

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