• Sonja Nannan

On the other side of judgement

Today we will be looking at our voice's nagging relative: judgment.

When we constantly judge ourselves for the things we say, for the way we say them, for what we are not saying, for what we should say, but don’t, we keep ourselves and our voice stuck in a cycle of negative emotions. No fertile energy comes from this place.

Our voice cannot flow and we cannot speak freely and with conviction when we judge ourselves for what we are saying.

I know from my own experience that by holding myself back before I even speak, I try to avoid being judged by others. It's keeping me somehow safe.

But staying safe from other people's judgment also keeps me from expressing myself authentically.

Fear of judgment holds our creativity and joy hostage.

It keeps us from stepping outside of our comfort zone and becoming the most magnificent version of ourselves.

It feels familiar, but it also keeps us passive and unable to create anything new.

Here is a reflection exercise for you this week.

  • What lies on the other side of judgment for you?

  • What are you NOT doing/saying because you might be judged?

  • Where are you holding yourself back from sharing your voice, even though you KNOW it would feel right?

Just pay attention to that inner voice this week, the one that holds you back under the pretext of keeping you safe.


Your voice is your gift, and the key to your most authentic and sensational self. Don't let fear of judgment hold you back

I wish you a great week!

With lots of positive vibes 🌈


PS: If you could use some support in letting go of judgment and feel more confident about sharing your voice, schedule a free call with me.

You can also check out my 1-on-1 coaching program "Voice of Value" here.

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