• Sonja Nannan

Setting boundaries with your negative thinking ✋

It has become very apparent in my work lately that we are extremely critical when it comes to sharing our voice. We think that it is outside forces holding us back, but what is most likely the case is that it is our own negative thinking.

(Watch me talk about this on Youtube or listen to me on my podcast) There are so many things that we tell ourselves, how what we do is not good enough. And it really should be different and so so much better!

There is a great book that I just read recently, The Genius Zone by Gay Hendricks. And he says that we can actually get addicted to negative thinking. And it can be our go-to response whenever we feel insecure or out of our comfort zone.

If this is you, try his technique:

He says the best way to stop negative thinking is to ask yourself:

"What can I do for the next 10 minutes that will make me feel good?"

For your voice that could be:

  • deep breathing for the next 5 minutes with relaxing music

  • singing your favorite song

  • creating content that actually makes you feel in your zone of genius

  • stretching, yoga, dancing

I'm sure you know what makes you feel good 🥳

Try it and let me know whether it made a difference to the way you approached creating content, whether that's a video or a presentation.


Your voice is the key to your most authentic and sensational self. Trying to keep it in check with negative thinking will stifle your growth.

With lots of positive vibes 🌈


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