• Sonja Nannan

The 1 thing you should focus on đŸš©

I wanted to give you a tip or insight, that I got recently, and that works so well for public speaking (or life in general, of course! Because it's all linked!!).

The tip is to only have 1 goal whenever you step in front of an audience (you could also call it intention if goal is too limiting for you). Whenever you share your voice and you feel anxious, ask yourself:

"What is my 1 goal?".

The thing is we get so caught up in wanting to do ALL THE THINGS: be interesting, keep everybody's attention, talk at a slow pace, breathe enough and make pauses, be professional, be relatable, be dynamic, be energetic, be confident, be inspiring, have great PPT slides, look into the camera or in the eyes of your audience, make a good impression, stay in peoples' minds, and on and on and on....

How stressful is that?!?!?!!! So let's keep things simple, shall we?

What is your one goal? (if you want to do some extra homework, you could write all the things you expect from yourself first to get a clearer picture of how impossible it is to tick off all the boxes).

So your one goal could be:

I want to show up.

Or I want to be present.

Or I want to show my immaculate PPT slides.

How does it feel to only have one goal, the next time you step in front of an audience? Does it feel lighter? Is there less pressure on your shoulders?

For me it makes things simpler, that's why I wanted to share it with you. ❀

My goal for this post - or for any of my posts - is to CONNECT with you. So as soon as I publish it, I have achieved my goal.😎 Oh and have created an Authentic Presence Meditation that you can access here.

If you require support in taking the drama out of public speaking and show up authentically, you can also reply to this email or schedule a chat with me.

Thank you for reading this email, I truly appreciate you.

With so much love, light, and focused energy 🌈


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