• Sonja Nannan

Using your true voice is effortless ✨

Do you also feel like speaking in front of an audience is super complicated?

And the more complicated it gets the further away the solution seems?

As though the solution was somewhere OUTSIDE of you? Somewhere in a distance far far away you locate: 🚀 sounding confident and strong 🚀 hiding my emotions 🚀 convincing others 🚀 projecting my voice, controlling my breath, sounding like I have all the answers. I thought exactly the same thing.

That's why I trained my voice for years, studied, learned systems, tried to fit myself better into these systems. Tried to sound convincing, strong, confident, like and expert.

I tried to solve the complicated riddle that was my voice and how to use it so that others perceive me the way I want them to.

Confident - like I have it all together.

It was exhausting, lots of work and basically an uphill battle.

Until I decided to give up the fight and surrender.

And then it finally clicked 💡

✨ The solution to using my voice confidently was INSIDE of me. ✨

Using my true voice is actually effortless

WHO KNEW!!!!!????? I just needed to unblock it from years of not letting it flow through. From years of not listening to it or judging it harshly. From years of protecting myself from getting hurt.

Here are 3 ways you can make using your voice more effortless:

Move - your voice needs your muscles to be relaxed

Breathe - air is fuel for your voice - the more you allow yourself to breathe, the better your voice will flow

Create - allow yourself to be a creator of content that is close to your heart, whether that is written, drawn, sang, filmed, photographed, painted, or danced. Every time you express your authentic voice creatively, you strengthen that voice confidence muscle.

But you can always go to my Youtube Channel and join me in using MY voice effortlessly.

PS: If you want to chat with me about how you can express yourself effortlessly, you can book a free call .

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