• Sonja Nannan

What if integrating your inner rockstar would make you feel whole?😎

Have you ever harbored fantasies of making it big in some artistic field?

Like becoming a rockstar, a bestselling author, a famous actor or actress, a show host, an Olympic champion? Or even just turning your business idea into a reality?

Do you think that this idea is stupid and has nothing to do with real life? That in order to live successfully, crazy ideas like that are best suppressed so they don't interfere with your actual life?

How has this been working out for you?

What if I told you that integrating your inner artist would actually make you whole?What if I told you your fantasies are actually a message from your soul telling you there is something you're not doing? I challenge you for the next week to follow your artistic impulses: - to paint that picture - to dance to that song - to write and record that music - to create that video - to write that story And maybe, just maybe you will feel connected to this inner voice that shows you who you really are and what you really came here to do. 🌈

And you will catch a glimpse of what it would mean to live your life integrating all of who you are - fulfilling your soul's purpose. If you are struggling with showing up as your true self because there is a side of you that you are trying to hide - hit reply to this email and let me share with you how I can help you become more confident in showing up as your whole self. You can also book a free call with me here. Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate you.❤️

With so much love, light, and joy,


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