• Sonja Nannan

What to do when you don't know the answer

Do you also try to have all the answers?

Avoid saying "I don't know " at all costs?

Go above and beyond in preparation so you never have to face the embarrassment of not knowing?

This comes up in a lot of my coaching sessions:

What if somebody asks a question and I don't know the answer?

Well, let me ask YOU:

  • what happens then?

  • Do you always have to know all the answers?

  • Are you allowed to not know?

  • How comfortable are you with not knowing?

  • What would it mean to simply say: I don't know?

I know we are all somehow traumatized from our schooldays where answering "I don't know" to a teacher's question would have paralleled death.😵

So what now that you are an adult?

Are you allowed to not know some things?

Maybe take a moment to sit with this awareness of not knowing.

Of it being OK that you don't know.

See whether it makes you feel lighter in a way. And see whether it can eliminate stress the next time you show up in front of your audience. ❤️

I hope this reflection was useful.

With so much love, light, and energy ✨


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