• Sonja Nannan

Where will you share your voice in 2021?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Since it’s still the beginning of the year, I wanted to give you some guidance to make sure 2021 will get you closer to reaching your goals and living your life exactly the way you want.

I have learned that being intentional about what we want in life, is crucial to us actually achieving it.

When we leave things up to chance or other people, we are left feeling disappointed or unsatisfied, and I don't want that for you... obviously!

You have a message.

You have a story to share.

Whether that is by singing, speaking, painting, dancing or writing.

And people need to hear your message. Especially YOUR people. The people who need your guidance, your knowledge and expertise.


So where will you share it this year? What platform? What frequency?

You could write a list of topics for each week of the first 3 months and then check off the list.

If you need guidance, Check out my offers here.

With so much love, joy and light,


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