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Your voice is an integral part of who you are. This means, that when you are stressed your voice might get stuck or you talk so fast that you cannot catch your breath. When you don’t feel at ease with your audience you might swallow your words and your listeners might not understand you. When you feel shy, you might try to hide your true feelings, and feel inadequate and inauthentic. Your emotions and your voice are so entwined that they cannot be separated from each other.


Through my years of teaching and coaching I have created an approach that takes into account

  • your voice and body

  • your mindset

  • your energy and presence


Although we sometimes wished it was the case, we are just not all the same. We have different strengths, come from different backgrounds, we have different elements that make us feel energized and ready to go and face our audience.

We are most of all people, not machines, that can perform perfectly at the press of a button. It's our humanness that makes us unique, authentic and when owned by us, incidentally fascinating to our audience

My one-of-a-kind program is not only extremely efficient, because it takes into account ALL of who you are, not only one aspect, it is also a transformative process that helps you show up as who you really are. Not just in a meeting or on a sales call. In everyday life as well. Showing up authentically and owning who you really are is a liberating process, that will set all kinds of positive changes in your life in motion. But first and foremost will make you nail that presentation, impress your audience and put you back in the driver's seat of your own voice. You ready?


  • Speak with confidence

  • Stay in alignment with who you are

  • Communicate authentically

Effective 3 month Training Program
in English, German or French

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Through this transformative training experience, we let the best version of you be reflected in your voice, and at the end of it, you will: 

  • Feel confident about public speaking

  • Convince your audience and share your competence with ease

  • Feel like YOU whenever you step in front of an audience

  • Turn sharing your voice into something you just "simply do" on a regular basis

  • Know ways to gain influence and authority as the expert you are

We will focus on the 3 key areas, that will take you from "I'm totally insecure!" to "I've got this!".

1. Key area: Clarity or Knowledge. In order to show who you really are, you need to be clear on:

  • Your strengths 

  • What communication tools work for your audience

  • How you can use your voice in a way that makes people listen

  • What motivates you (a.k.a the BIG picture)

  • What depletes you and keeps you small

  • What gives you energy or makes you feel completely in the zone

2. Key area: Creativity. We are most authentic when we connect to our creativity, and therefore:

  • Unlearn to be boring or mediocre 

  • Release our insecurities (because the act of being creative holds no judgement)

  • Create our unique process of successful communication

  • See public speaking and sharing our voice as a game

  • Experiment with and re-discover our magnificent voice

3. Key area: Connection. Communication is all about connecting with others, but this is not just a mental process, it is actually a physical one, which is why you need to: 

  • Connect to your breath (deep breathing technique)

  • Connect to your voice (optimal voice projection)

  • Connect to your body (stage presence)

  • Connect to your passion

  • Connect to your energy

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Program structure​:

  • 1,5h strategy session

  • Bi-weekly 1h coaching sessions via Zoom (or in person if you live in Brussels, Belgium) over the course of 12 weeks

  • Self-study material in form of video and audio tutorials, pdfs

  • Weekly e-mail check-ins

  • Access to private VIP Facebook group between you and me, where you can post videos of your presentations or talks and get my personal feedback (no obligation, only if you wish)

Price: 997€ (+21% VAT) or 3 monthly payments of 350€ (+21% VAT)

Duration of coaching process can be extended to 4 months if necessary.

What Clients say:


Sarah Richardson
Mindset & Selflove Coach

Where do I begin with Sonja? She is such an incredible, kind and intelligent coach!! She was able to hone in on exactly what was keeping me stuck, what I needed most on an energetic, deep level as well as on a practical level to move forward as my most aligned and confident self. I was amazed at her ability to provide insight on what was really at the root of what was holding me back. I had so many aha moments and I walked away delighted and excited at the calmness she inspired in me towards showing up fully. I felt more clear and aligned than I had in months!! I couldn't recommend Sonja enough! She will facilitate a confidence transformation that is not only deep but thorough allowing you to truly root yourself in who you are! Thank you so much Sonja for our powerful session together! You truly are an exceptional coach!

Gretchen Cleveland WEB-139.jpg

Gretchen Cleveland

OBM I Launch & Business Support

Sonja is an incredibly gifted coach. Her technique is completely original and effective. Sonja helped me identify what's truly blocking me from showing up more fully, gave me easy-to-implement exercises to help me break down these blocks, and helped me understand my potential at a new level. I highly recommend Sonja's coaching to anyone who feels like she somehow isn't communicating her message or her true self in life or business - Sonja will help set you free!


Erin Kraebber

Marketing Strategy and Brand Solutions

The session I had with Sonja was so valuable! Not only did she provide clarity on the mindset block I was facing, but she also inspired me to take immediate action. Following our conversation, I felt the need to revise my podcast content plan for the week and put more of myself in front of the camera with an Instagram live. She guided me through her process in a way that was encouraging and felt like she was truly invested in my success.

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