Your voice is an integral part of who you are. The way you share it to reach your audience determines whether you are perceived as authentic, trustworthy and reliable. In short whether working with you brings someone value or not. 

Because our way of communicating is so deeply entwined with who we are as a person, we can put so much pressure on ourselves to show up perfectly. As a result we stifle our creative genius and share our voice inauthentically and artificially when all we want to do is show up naturally, authentically and with confidence. 

Through years of coaching incredibly gifted clients and my own experience of training my voice and showing up confidently for my audience, I have created a program that is extremely efficient, because it takes into account your voice as well as the embodiment of all that you are.

Showing up authentically and owning who you really are is a liberating process, that will set all kinds of positive changes in your life in motion. But first and foremost it will make you speak with confidence, engage your audience and put you back in the driver's seat of your own voice.

You ready?

Authentic Voice Program

  • Take control of your voice

  • Increase your impact

  • Let your voice convey your level of qualification, expertise and experience

  • Use your breath, posture and tone

  • Stay authentic in front of an audience

  • Overcome nerves and breathlessness

  • Let your genius be reflected in your authentic voice

Through this transformative training experience, we let the best version of you be reflected in your voice, and at the end of it, you will: 

  • Know your voice and how to use it 

  • Have a system that helps you speak or sing with confidence

  • Leverage your creative genius to create valuable content or presentations

  • Establish yourself as an expert and overcome imposter syndrome

  • Get in alignment with your authentic voice



We will focus on the 3 key areas, that will take you from "I'm not able to control my voice" to "I know my voice and I know exactly what to do".

1. Key area: Voice Technique

  • Leverage your breathing

  • Master strength and tone

  • Take control of the sound

  • Manage your energy

  • Take up space

  • Convey confidence

2. Key area: Mindset

  • Have a clear goal

  • Let go of your limiting beliefs

  • Embrace your strengths

  • Master negative inner dialogue

  • Create a habit of using your voice confidently and effortlessly

3. Key area: Creativity

  • Unlearn boring and inauthentic

  • Experiment with sounds

  • Have fun discovering your voice

  • Leverage your creative genius

  • Infuse your voice with joy

Blue and Ivory Cycle Diagram Chart (1).jpg
This is how you can work with me:

Individual Voice Coaching Sessions

You can book individual sessions with me to work on your voice for speaking or singing.

In order to make each session as efficient as possible, you will get:

  • a preparatory questionnaire and worksheet 

  • action steps to take after our session

  • recommendations for further development 

  • access to selected online training material

Price for 1h of individual voice coaching:  150€

Pack of 5 sessions of 1h voice coaching:   650€

(to be scheduled within 6 months of booking)

Sessions via Zoom or in person in Brussels, Belgium (Watermael-Boitsfort)

Authentic Voice Coaching Program (4 months)

My coaching program is the most comprehensive and efficient way to get from where you are to where you want to be - I will keep you accountable over the course of 4 months and the following is included:

  • Preparatory questionnaire 

  • 1,5h strategy + goal setting session 

  • 7 bi-weekly 1h coaching sessions over the course of 16 weeks

  • Weekly e-mail check-ins

  • Complementary Workbook

  • Complementary Exercise Journal

  • Access to online library of self-study material

Price for the comprehensive package: 1050€ 

or 3 monthly payments of 355€

or 7 monthly payments of 155€


Sessions via Zoom or in person in Brussels, Belgium (Watermael-Boitsfort)

What Clients say:

Sonja is not just coaching voices, she sees and feels the person behind and her needs. She knows how to boost your

confidence in yourself and your

public speaking abilities!


Katy,  Communications Manager

Working with Sonja was a pleasure. I immediately connected with her down to earth personality. Her advice was spot on and she was able to see exactly where I needed to make changes. The suggestions she gave were invaluable to helping me connect with my audience as well as changing my mindset in preparation for filming my videos.

I would recommend Sonja again and again.


Katrina, Coach and Entrepreneur

“I had two important presentations last week and both of them went well thanks to your coaching sessions. I am really happy about the progress I made. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Marc, Public Relations Officer

“Thank you very very much for your coaching, Sonja!! I'm now paying much more attention to the "voice etiquette" and methods you taught in day-to-day situations, plus it gave a good impulse to improve other areas of my life :) I am aware mastering public speaking is a long-term process for me, but this training is the first time I feel I made progress on this! :)”

Lara, Public Policy Manager

“Thank you Sonja for everything! I will remember for very long what you have taught me !!! :-)

I did not realize the coaching would go further than voice coaching only, which in the end helped me to reach my goals by taking into account the bigger picture. I have also learned a lot about self-branding which I did not realize would be offered as well. “

Sylvie, Competition Lawyer