You already have everything you need within you.

It is just waiting to be acknowledged, accepted and released.

I specialize in bringing you back to your creative energy and ignite the spark that makes you want to show up in the world as your authentic self.

I can see and hear your brilliance underneath the unease and stress involved in showing yourself in front of an audience - and I re-connect you with this strength.

I used to think that confidence was dependent on my skills and expertise. As a performer I thought that if I only knew singing technique well enough, I would feel confident about stepping on stage. And in a way that was true, I was extremely confident in my singing technique, so much so, that I made it my identity. And by making it my identity, I was completely dependent on other people's approval. This showed me that we need to be present to who we are in our essence, not to what our ego wants us to believe.

I also realised through my years of coaching and training high level executives at fortune 500 corporations in public speaking,  that what we really want to achieve by improving our skills, is change what other people think of us. And what we think people think of us, is really what we think about ourselves. 

We need to let go of needing other people's approval, so we can be free to be ourselves.

Through my university studies in social and cultural anthropology and linguistics I learned that everything is linked and the way we act always has to be understood in the social and cultural context. So showing up on social media, speaking at an event, hosting a podcast are not just random acts, they have a deeper meaning in how we show up and connect with the world around us.