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Hi, my name is Sonja.

I offer a transformational process for qualified, experienced and conscious leaders to share their voice with confidence and enjoy engaging with their audience.


I understand how frustrating it can be, when you cannot communicate all you have to offer. When your voice gets stuck in your throat, you lose control over your breath and people just cannot see or hear your expertise, the years of training, the exceptional knowledge and valuable experience that you have gained arriving where you are in your career. 


As a creative and sensitive person using my voice confidently used to be a struggle. My way of dealing with it was to study vocal technique from a young age. I thought the harder I worked on perfecting my voice, the more confident I would become as a singer and speaker. 


It's true that I did become confident in my singing abilities, but it didn't really help me when it came to confidently speaking on stage, introducing myself at networking events or sharing my voice as an expert in videos for social media. I felt at a loss and thought I just wasn't THAT person. 

Over the years I realized that I needed to work on my mindset, my limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits as well as my voice. 

The process that I created through working on my voice is what I offer to my clients. I combine my formal education in social and cultural anthropology, linguistics and business coaching with voice technique.


I am a life-long learner all things to do with communication, from marketing, positive psychology, philosophy, sociology, neuroscience to more holistic approaches of mindfulness, body work, energy work and Human Design. 

What techniques I use in my coaching sessions depends on the person I am working with, and the objective is always to create the shortest and most efficient way possible for my clients to reach their goals.

I am also an artist and musician, who believes deeply that it is embracing our creativity and allowing ourselves to be who we really are, that will help our listeners be moved and inspired by us to take action.

I come from the capital of classical music Vienna, Austria and am currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you communicate your genius with the world, just book a 30 min free discovery call and let's chat.

Thank you for reading my story, 



Wooden Piano

It is possible to step in front of an audience, feel at ease with your voice and be in complete alignment with yourself.

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