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Stop thinking your voice is a problem and let people hear how amazing you are!


Hi, I'm Sonja and I know what it’s like to stand in front of an audience:

you have your thoughts swirl around your head, your knees shake, your mouth feel dry and your throat close up.

You wish for the ground to burst open and swallow you instead of being on that stage.


  • I have participated in classical singing competitions where the judges frowned and shook their heads

  • I have given presentations in front of professors at university, completely oblivious of timing or adapted content (more head shaking)

  • I have tried for auditions where the judges whispered under their breath (totally for me to hear) “boring”

  • I have given speeches and presentations, where I was just met with puzzled faces and had all my energy drained out of me 

Believe me, I know exactly what it is like - it sucks to feel so nervous that your voice breaks when you are on stage. But I also know that every time you do dare to speak in front of an audience or do dare to sing that song, you not only grow as a person, you also increase your chance of people


  • seeing and hearing you

  • liking you

  • wanting to hire you 

  • wanting to promote you 

  • wanting to buy your product

Realistically there is hardly any job out there anymore that doesn’t involve some kind of public speaking. And if you want to pursue singing, it would be a shame not to let others hear your voice at some point. 

Thanks to my years of 

  • being in front of audiences (for singing, speaking, playing theatre, leading workshops and trainings, giving keynote speeches etc.), 

  • my education and interest in how the voice works and what motivates us to speak or act a certain way

  • research in how to sell yourself and create a mindset for achieving your goals


I have come up with a unique methodology, that helps you leave your insecurities in the past and start embracing the new confident version of yourself when it comes to presenting yourself in front of an audience.

The thing is, if you don’t do anything about it, others will miss their chance of seeing how incredibly smart you are, what important things you have to share and what a competent and qualified person you are for exactly the kind of job that you are doing or want to do.

You might also pass up your chance of earning more money, having more time and feeling more accomplished as a result.

So what could you do? 


  • You can work just on your voice - you can definitely find a voice teacher for that, but they might not be able to help you shape how you want to be perceived by your audience.

  • You can just work on your mindset - find a coach or read books about manifesting and visualizing your ideal situation, but then you still won’t know what to do differently when you are nervous before your next presentation.

  • You can just work on relaxing your body. Learning breathing techniques, meditate, do yoga. That is definitely worthwhile in so many ways, but might also not really help you when it comes to feeling more confident when you ask for a raise.

Well, as you can probably tell from my clever way of using “just” in all these 3 suggestions -

the solution I can offer you is a combination of all 3!! 


Working on your voice in an integrative way will spare you years of voice training that is not adapted to your goals or desired outcome. 

From working with over 100s of clients, I know that working on your voice in combination with your mind and body brings the fastest and most effective results.

“Thank you very very much!! I'm now paying much more attention to the "voice etiquette" and methods you taught in day-to-day situations, plus it gave a good impulse to improve other areas of my life :) I am aware mastering public speaking is a long-term process for me, but this training is the first time I feel I made progress on this! :)” Lara, public policy manager.

“Thank you Sonja for everything! I will remember for very long what you have taught me !!! :-)

I did not realize the coaching would go further than voice coaching only, which in the end helped me to reach my goals by taking into account the bigger picture. I have also learned a lot about self-branding which I did not realize would be offered as well. “ Sylvie, competition lawyer.

“I had two important presentations last week and both of them went well thanks to your coaching sessions :). I am really happy about the progress I made. It was a pleasure working with you.” Bettina, public relations officer.

Sonja is not just coaching voices, she sees and feels the person behind and her needs.
She knows how to boost your confidence in yourself and your public speaking abilities!  Katy, Manifesting Coach

I offer individualized 1:1 coaching programs in German, English or French

as well as group coaching online.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me on info@sonjanannan.com or 

I look forward to hearing from you!



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