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Take control of your authentic voice and create successful presentations, pitches, interviews - or just simply shine in every conversation.


I have developed an innovative training solution to guide you to your most confident voice, so you enjoy using it and become the speaker your audience LOVES to listen to. 

You will learn how to

  • amplify your voice 

  • unlock your fascinating presence and

  • speak with ease, whether that's on stage, in a meeting room or on video


As a voice coach I have trained hundreds of clients and students since 2012. Through my research and experience I have created my own method and refined the process of getting you to share your voice confidently, fast.

I guide my clients to uncover the immense value they have to give by expressing themselves naturally, deal successfully with nerves and feel confident about their voices every time they speak.

'Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.'

Maya Angelou


HOW I CAN SUPPORT YOU (in English, German or French)


Hands on Deck

Discover what simple steps
you can take to gain control
of your voice for
public speaking today -
with my online courses
and free resources. 


Two busy business women of young and middle age talking in creative green office sitting a

WORK WITH ME to become that confident speaker you wish to be, connect with your
authentic voice,
become magnetic for your audience 
and increase your impact.


Casual Business Meeting

Read about my
group trainings and
team buildings - tailor made for
your organization or company. 
Request my corporate coaching brochure here.

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Hi, I'm Sonja.

I believe that we are powerful creators of our own reality. True confidence doesn't come from complying with a fixed vocal standard, but from connecting to the value that you bring, that is expressed through your true and authentic voice and letting that resonate with your audience.

I'm a vocal coach, public speaking coach, business trainer and musician. It is my mission to guide qualified, experienced

and talented leaders take control of their authentic voice, convince their audience

and increase their impact.


Being based in Brussels, Belgium I have guided my clients find their voice and share it with confidence through individual and group coaching since 2012. 


Director Regulatory Affairs

“The effect of public speaking coaching with Sonja is like being equipped with a magic toolbox with instruments that you can pick and choose to help you finding the pleasure in successfully addressing wide audiences! Sonja tactfully guides towards the discovery of unexpected connections with one’s own voice and unfolding any internal obstacles standing in the way of enjoyable communication” 


“I sincerely recommend Sonja's coaching to anyone struggling with some aspect of their voice. She is a very smart lady who knows how to get to the bottom of your problem, no matter how intricate it is. I came to her convinced that I had some strange glitch related to my voice, but through our sessions she helped me to understand the variety of psychological, confidence-related and personal layers that affect me when I have to speak under stress and pressure. This was very insightful and transformative and helped me immensely to learn to use my voice in a more confident and calm manner. On a more personal note, it was also a very interesting journey to get to know myself better as a person. Thank you, Sonja! :)


“I would recommend Sonja to anyone in their preparation for public speaking!
Sonja actively helped me in the preparation of my first ever big talk in front of a big audience. Despite my procrastination and last-minute changes she always stayed positive and patient, and flexible, and she did whatever do comfort me. I would come back for sure in the future if I ever have another big talk coming up. 

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