Express yourself authentically, 

communicate effortlessly,

and share your

true SELF.


Hi, I'm Sonja - it's so good to meet you!

I am a voice and soul embodiment coach and I believe that your true and authentic voice is synonymous with your true and most authentic self. When you connect to your deepest passion, your true life's purpose and your highest calling, your voice will embody all of that.


I help creative entrepreneurs who struggle to share their voice, feel disconnected or fearful of showing up as their true self - whether that is live, on social media, on video or audio recordings. I help them unblock their voice from fear, conditioning and the need to impress others, so they can wholeheartedly embrace who they really are and confidently show up for their audience. 

After a lifetime of trying to perfect my voice in order to "sound and look confident", I learned that the true path towards confidence and authentic expression doesn't lead through perfecting something, fulfilling other people's expectations and denying who we really are. 

True confidence comes from trusting in our own power and feeling connected to, and expressing our creativity.

As a Projector by Human Design, coaching and guiding others is my calling as well as creating music, spending time with my family between Vienna, Austria and Brussels, Belgium.

How to work with me
Writing by the Water

Voice Clarity Session

90min Coaching Session to

discover how to express yourself authentically

Female Presenter

Voice Clarity - Deep Dive

4h Intensive Coaching to un-block your voice and express yourself authentically

Woman Lecturer

Authentic Expression for

Creative Entrepreneurs

12 weeks to take communicating

with your audience to the next level 

What clients say about me

Working with Sonja was a pleasure. I immediately connected with her down to earth personality. Her advice was spot on and she was able to see exactly where I needed to make changes. The suggestions she gave were invaluable to help me connect with my audience. I would recommend Sonja again and again.

- Katrina Ball, founder of "Mother yourself"

“Thank you Sonja for everything! I will remember for very long what you have taught me !!! :-)

I did not realize the coaching would go further than voice coaching only, which in the end helped me to reach my goals by taking into account the bigger picture. I have also learned a lot about self-branding which I did not realize would be offered as well. “ Sylvie, competition lawyer.

Sonja is not just coaching voices, she sees and feels the person behind and her needs.
She knows how to boost your confidence in yourself and your public speaking abilities!  Katy, Author and Coach

“Thank you very very much!! I'm now paying much more attention to the "voice etiquette" and methods you taught in day-to-day situations, plus it gave a good impulse to improve other areas of my life :) I am aware mastering public speaking is a long-term process for me, but this training is the first time I feel I made progress on this! :)” Lara, public policy manager.


Sarah Richardson
Mindset & Selflove Coach

Where do I begin with Sonja? She is such an incredible, kind and intelligent coach!! I was blown away that in all of 60 minutes she was able to hone in on exactly what was keeping me stuck, what I needed most on an energetic, deep level as well as on a practical level to move forward as my most aligned and confident self. I was amazed at her ability to provide insight on what was really at the root of what was holding me back. I had so many aha moments in our session and I walked away delighted and excited at the calmness she inspired in me towards showing up fully. I felt more clear and aligned than I had in months!! I couldn't recommend Sonja enough! She will facilitate a confidence transformation that is not only deep but thorough allowing you to truly root yourself in who you are! Thank you so much Sonja for our powerful session together! You truly are an exceptional coach!

Gretchen Cleveland WEB-139.jpg

Gretchen Cleveland

OBM I Launch & Business Support

Sonja is an incredibly gifted embodiment coach. Her technique is completely original and effective. In just one session, Sonja helped me identify what's truly blocking me from showing up more fully, gave me easy-to-implement exercises to help me break down these blocks, and helped me understand my potential at a new level. I highly recommend Sonja's coaching to anyone who feels like she somehow isn't communicating her message or her true self in life or business - Sonja will help set you free!


Erin Kraebber

Marketing Strategy and Brand Solutions

The session I had with Sonja was so valuable! Not only did she provide clarity on the mindset block I was facing, but she also inspired me to take immediate action. Following our conversation, I felt the need to revise my podcast content plan for the week and put more of myself in front of the camera with an Instagram live. She guided me through her process in a way that was encouraging and felt like she was truly invested in my success.

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