Your voice is your gift.


By sharing it you can become somebody's inspiration.

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Hi, I'm Sonja - it's so good to meet you!


Do you have this nagging feeling that if you knew how to control your voice better, you would say "YES!" to a lot more opportunities? Like be a guest on podcasts, go live on Facebook or Instagram, start your own Youtube channel, even host your OWN podcast show, sign up to be a keynote speaker at a conference or just simply (ha!) feel confident in a meeting room full of high level CEO's - Michelle Obama style?


Yep, I know exactly what that feels like. I've been there and my own journey has been and still is to this day full of speed bumps and holes in the road (you can check out my ABOUT page if you're interested).


But there is something I am absolutely and unshakably certain about: and that is VOICE (yes in capitals and BOLD, my friend).

My own voice, your voice - your role model's voice. When my clients tell me where they want to get, I can put their destination in my very special Voice-GPS and draw out the path they will need to follow to get there (I even do it like TESLA and add places to recharge the batteries, calculate how long it takes to recharge and how much longer your journey will take because of it - no, just kidding... or am I?)

I'm a voice and business coach, singer, entrepreneur and perceptive listener. I have the gift of seeing and hearing people's full potential that lies in their voice even if they cannot see it for themselves.

Through my own entrepreneur-journey I have learned that as important as voice technique is - your mindset, overcoming negative beliefs and trusting your inner voice are just as important as knowing which word to emphasize or how to hit high notes.


So my tag-line is:  

I help creative people use their voice with joy and confidence, so they can share their message and empower others.

And I mean it. 

If you want to connect with me I would be delighted to chat with you via Zoom or Skype. There is no obligation to work with me (and it's for free! Yay!). I love to chat with people who want to take their game to the next level - no matter where they are at. And you are exactly at the place you need to be, my friend. 

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