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In my group programs, I offer experiences where participants can overcome shyness and connect to their true voice, so they can feel strong and confident standing in front of an audience - whether that is live or via teleconference.

Sessions are designed to assist my clients to:

  • increase their confidence in their true and authentic voice

  • decrease insecurities about accents or other perceived "flaws" in their voice

  • connect to themselves so they can connect with their audience

  • manage nerves through body awareness and breathing exercises

  • establish a framework to prepare speaking engagements successfully

Former and current clients include DHL, Abbvie, GlaxoSmithKline, Procter&Gamble and Mastercard as well as the institutions of the European Union.

The content of my sessions is tailored to my clients' needs, and typically integrates mental, physical, and emotional components:

  • Mental: Education on voice technique, Message structure, Audience analysis, Goal setting, Reflection questions to uncover hidden beliefs and blocks

  • Physical: Posture, Breathing Technique, Sound Production, Pace, Articulation, Modulation, Intonation

  • Emotional: Being center of attention, Anxiety or Nerves, Judgement of others, Expression, Censorship of who we truly are, Need of acceptance/making a good impression

I also offer tailor-made team-building sessions, where I create:

  • A space where people can just have fun singing and trying out their voices

  • An experience of unity and connection by singing in a group

  • An atmosphere of fun and spontaneity and acceptance

  • An opportunity to tap one's creative and playful side


If you would like to speak with me to get more information about my training services, please send me an e-mail to or directly fill in a book a call, so I can give you specific information regarding your questions.

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