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Video Confidence Series Week 2

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

How singing can improve your confidence on video - Part 2.

Last week I spoke about how one of the biggest obstacles of filming ourselves or going live on social media is our fear of being spontaneous. Check out that blog here if you haven’t yet.

When you teach yourself to sing, you can get to know your voice better. By feeling more at ease with your voice, you can concentrate on connecting with your audience.

Here is the second part of the 10 step process of how you can teach yourself to sing:

Step 6: Breathing exercises to learn to sing. Find exercises to increase the awareness of your breath and the connection to your body. Your voice is part of your body, so connecting to it will make it easier for you to know whether an exercise feels good or not. Practicing the deep breathing technique will help you with that.

Step 7: Use scales exercises that help you gently train your singing voice. Don’t be discouraged if the scales are quite fast - just do what you can do and it will get better with practice. There are many different ones on Youtube, but you could start with this one. If you have a piano or a keyboard at home, you can create your own scales.

Step 8: Track the progress with your voice. I love keeping journals for any kind of training that I’m following. Start a singing journal so you can track your progress and especially write down how it feels to sing. You can also write down any negative voices in your head that come to the surface telling you that you cannot do it. This way you can create new beliefs around your voice.

Step 9: Create a visualisation practice. Everyday before falling asleep, imagine what it feels like to be able to sing really well. Imagine a scene in every detail where you feel really good about your voice or singing. You could also imagine somebody congratulating you on your progress.

Step 10: Celebrate your accomplishments. Mark the date in your calendar, 4 weeks from when you start your practice schedule. Plan ahead how you are going to celebrate once you have taught yourself how to sing for 4 weeks. Record the song you recorded in the beginning and then compare the two.

What has become easier or better? Just focus on any step you’ve made towards your goal. And celebrate yourself, because you are amazing for having stuck to your schedule and having improved your voice over the past 4 weeks. Well done!!

If you would like to deepen your knowledge on the topic, please join my facebook group, so we can connect.


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