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Breathe - a simple technique that can change your voice.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Did you know that the way you breathe can improve your voice? To improve your voice, you should start by working on your breathing technique.

When we speak, all we actually do is push air through our vocal cords. The air makes our vocal cords vibrate, which creates the sound of our voice.

So if you want to be in control of your voice, you actually need to be in control of how you breathe.

When we’re stressed – and public speaking is stressful – we tend to inhale more than we exhale. Our heart races and we keep breathing in. This is how we lose connection to our core. Our core and more specifically, our diaphragm is the muscle that we use to strengthen our voice.

It’s exactly what you used to do as a baby. Whenever you were crying or laughing, it was supported by your belly. By growing up we sometimes lose this natural mechanism, which has a lot to do with our posture and mental blocks. Laughter still comes from our belly as we grow up, that doesn’t change!

That is why re-learning the deep (or diaphragmatic) breathing technique has so many benefits, not just helping you to improve your voice.

And this is how it works:

- Breathe in through your nose and inflate your belly.

- Breathe out through your mouth, slightly tucking your belly back in.

- Exhale slowly and gradually - for example by forming the sound “ssss” while you breathe out. This helps you create a steady flow of air.

When you do this, don't force anything. It might feel unnatural at first, but eventually, it will get comfortable and feel more natural to you.

You can practice this technique basically anywhere, anytime. In the supermarket, in the car, on the bus or in your office.

I do suggest in the beginning though, that you try it out at home first, so you know what it is supposed to look and feel like (your belly expanding as you inhale). And then once you are comfortable with it, you can practice it anywhere. If you could use guidance in how you can use your breathing efficiently to support your voice, book a 30 min free discovery call and let's chat!


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