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7 tips: How to have a good voice without investing a lot of time and money

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Let’s face it, time is in short supply. You might have a job, maybe even kids, a mortgage and already have zero time for yourself. But for your job or ambitions, you need to learn how to have a good voice.

So how can you find the time to improve your voice on top of everything else?

Don’t worry.

I’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 tips that will help you have a good voice without expenses and almost no time investment. In order to have a good voice, you need to...

1. Stand up straight. Standing or sitting upright and looking straight ahead gives you the best alignment for your voice. Also, relax your shoulder and neck muscles to improve the way your voice sounds.

2. Drink water. Your vocal cords need to be hydrated, so make sure you always have a bottle near you when you have a presentation.

3. Open up. Your mouth is where your voice resonates. If you want to have better sound, you need to open your mouth wider in order to give your voice more space. The more space it has, the better it sounds (think of the acoustics inside a dome).

4. Breathe into your belly. Using the deep breathing technique will help you connect your voice to your diaphragm. It is this muscle that can help you strengthen your voice (link to the post about diaphragmatic breathing technique).

5. Take up space - physically and acoustically. Just like your voice needs more space in your mouth to have more resonance. Taking up more space physically will subconsciously make you feel more confident. This will be noticeable in your voice.

6. Go all in. Put all your energy into speaking instead of listening to yourself as you speak. When we listen to ourselves while we are speaking, we lose half the energy and thereby half the power that our voice needs in order to sound strong.

7. Ground yourself. Feel the connection to your feet. Imagine being a tree with roots in the ground. This is going to improve your presence and also your voice.

A little disclaimer: whatever you do - if it hurts, you’re putting too much tension on your vocal cords. If it feels good, it sounds good. Should you experience pain in your throat, go and see a physician or speech therapist. Make sure your vocal cords are healthy. If you would like to know more about the amazing power of your voice and could use some guidance in using it with more confidence, book a 30 min free discovery call and let's chat!


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