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5 Unexpected Benefits of Voice Coaching you didn't know about

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

So maybe you have been thinking of following a voice coaching program in order to feel more in control of your voice in professional situations. And maybe you have been putting it off, thinking you already have too many things on your plate.

So here are 5 unexpected benefits of voice coaching that you might not even have known about and that might make you reconsider:

1. Voice coaching can help you improve your breathing.

Breathing exercises are the basis of voice technique. With every coaching you start with your breath. Air is fuel for your voice. When you are in control of your breathing you will be in control of your voice. This can reduce your stress levels, especially before speaking to a larger audience.

2. Voice coaching can help you feel more in alignment with your body.

We lose control over our voices, when we are too much in our heads. Being too focused on our thoughts and what others might think of us can create anxiety, head aches, back pain (to just name a few). When we work on our voices, we work on the natural connection between our mind and body which can improve our presence and help us relax and feel more in alignment.

3. Voice coaching can help you with your body language.

As you learn to be more in alignment with your body, you are also in control of your body language. When we want to appear confident, it is paramount that our nonverbal communication is in line with what we are saying. Our audience subconsciously picks up on cues that we cannot hide. When we are in control of our voice and body, it is easier to convince our audience.

4. Voice coaching can help you be more connected to your creative side.

As the basis for voice technique is breath, the basis for expression is creativity. The throat is an energetic center for communication as well as creativity. Working on your voice using creative exercises can help you feel more connected to your creativity and therefore your natural authentic voice, not some artificial performance voice.

5. Voice coaching can put you in a good mood.

After almost every session with my clients, it is THE one most striking thing I have experienced. Working on our voices puts us in a better mood. When we sing or play with our voices, we release endorphins, dopamines and serotonin. Hormones that are responsible for us to feel good.

If you would like to learn more about voice coaching, check out my programs or book a free discovery call. You can also download my free “Authentic Public Speaking Guide”.

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