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How to improve your speaking skills on video

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

As I wrote in my blog post last week, these days it’s all about video. Whether going live on social media, recording lessons for your students or speaking with your colleagues or loved ones, your speaking skills on video make a big difference.

This can be really daunting when you don’t feel comfortable being recorded. You might wonder how you could improve your speaking skills on video, so you come off as more knowledgeable and/or likeable.

I have put together 7 tips that can help you achieve precisely that:

1. Practice speaking skills on video

The more you do it, the less daunting speaking on video will become. We sometimes freeze when we are aware of a camera recording us. The more normal being filmed becomes, the more natural you will become.

2. Warm up your voice before speaking on video

Having a warmed up voice will help you sound more in control and help you feel confident. When you feel more confident, your speaking skills will naturally improve.

3. Prepare your content

Being clear on what your video is about, will immediately have an effect on the way you speak. When we are not sure about the content, we tend to mumble or speak too fast and run out of air. We don’t want any of this to happen.

4. Go live with video on social media

Jump into the deep end. Organise a 30 day challenge where you give tips, advice or inspiration. Say that you are doing this challenge, so people know. And you will see, the first ones will be daunting, but by day 15 you won’t even think about it anymore.

5. Have a flattering set up

Standing in front of a window for better lighting, with a tidy background will make you feel more confident and you and your audience will be happier to watch your videos.

6. Imagine a supportive audience

Imagine that your best friend, husband/wife or someone you love is watching and then just speak for them. This way you will believe more in your ability to speak and convince your audience.

7. It is not about you

Really concentrate on the message you are giving your viewers. Forget yourself for a moment and put all your energy into the message you want to deliver.

If you would like to improve your speaking skills on video, book a 30 minute call with me and let's chat.


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